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BUZZ CLIC TRUE ROCK We want send warm greetings to the great Buzz Clic (see in Wikipedia) for his kindness to inform us in detail about the complete credits that recorded with Phil back in 1991 under the project The Buzz Clic Adventure, which was later renamed in 2005 as "California" (Smog Veil Records). Highly recommended, just like all the other works by Buzz. In this Facebook link you can follow all of his musical adventures. An excellent musician and lovely person. Thank you so much from Spain. HOUSE OF CARDS Did you know that the Dwight Twilley Band sounds like "Looking for the magic" on the popular TV series "House of cards" (s.3 / e.9) while Doug is drunk in a bar playing a shooting machine basketball? THOM SEBASTIAN HAS A DEMO WITH PHIL The musician Thom Sebastian coincided with Phil Seymour in the middle of the 80, besides being member of its band like guitarist during a period, also recorded some demos. I have located the song "To Face The Night Alone", I think unpublished, in this demo that Thom Sebastian has uploaded to his page. In this link you can listen. We keep on searching! NUSHU PLAY PRECIOUS TO ME Lisa Mychols and Hillary Burton are NUSHU, the female power pop duo based in Southern California. In addition to singing, they play all the instruments on their recordings and for our enjoyment they have performed a version of Phil Seymour's song "Precious to me". The result is wonderful. Here I leave the video clip. More info at DWIGHT REMEMBERS PHIL "I'll never forget the cold November night at the Church Studios in Tulsa. Phil and I had just signed our first recording contract. We had been instructed by the record company to get acquainted with working in a 'real' 16-track studio and not to record a 'real' record. In the confusion of a pivotal moment, it was Phil who pulled me into a secluded hallway and said, 'Dwight, let's make a hit record right now.' That night we recorded I'm On Fire". Dwight Twilley, in an excerpt from Phil Seymour's letter of remembrance. You must see and hear "My life". A beautiful song where he remembers his friends and also you will be able to see images of Phil very young. Essential. BILL PITCOCK IV DIES Bill Pitcock IV, a guitarist and 45-year veteran of the Tulsa music scene, died Friday, April 8, 2011 at a Tulsa hospital of complications from cancer. He was 58. Pitcock, who was best known for his work with Tulsa rocker Dwight Twilley, was taken to the hospital Tuesday and was discovered to have advanced cancer, family members said. Pitcock was the lead guitarist for the Dwight Twilley Band in the 1970s and continued to work with Twilley and late bandmate Phil Seymour during their subsequent solo careers. Pitcock also recently released his own first solo CD, "Play What You Mean" (2009). Pitcock made his professional debut in 1964, playing guitar for his father's dance band, Billy Pitcock and His Orchestra. Pitcock performed with various Tulsa-area bands before joining with Twilley in 1971. In addition, from 1983 to 1998, he played with the Tulsa- based Mystery Band. Source: Tulsa World.
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