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- Precious to me -
Phil Seymour
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Our hero, Phil Seymour, was an American musician who developed skillfully between the sounds of Power Pop, Rock and New Wave. Singer, composer, producer and multi- instrumentalist (drums, guitar, bass), he left his mark on all the projects in which he participated throughout his professional career between 1974 and 1993. Phil was a brilliant "all terrain" who is well known for the songs "I'm on fire" (with the Dwight Twilley Band) or his wonderful "Precious to me", already on his own. No doubt, Phil had a major role in the Dwight Twilley Band, a seminal group within the pop and underground world, but his solo work was, and still is, revered among the most exquisite Power Pop fans. Unfortunately, he left us in 1993, after fighting cancer that was detected in 1984. Not only he is the author of a delightful song, but he is the creator of a hymn that will be transmitted from generation to generation. Precious to me.
Phil Seymour
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Sunset Blvd Records presents If You Don't Want My Love (Phil Seymour. Archive Series Volume 6). It contains 8 previously unreleased tracks recorded prior to his record deal with Boardwalk, including productions by Denny Cordell and Phil Spector. These spirited masters and demos with songs by John Prine, Dwight Twilley, Jeff Barry, and Ellie Greenwich, provide insight into the creative process of the early days of the Phil Seymour Band and the development of his first two albums.
If You Don't Want My Love
Archive Series. Volume 6
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Rare collection of demos and masters recorded between Phil Seymour's Dwight Twilley Band era and his first solo album!
01. If You Don't Want My Love. 03:40 * 02. Wish It Was a Saturday. 04:10 * 03. Never Wanted to Try. 02:52 04. Darling. 03:31 05. Come Home. 02:59 06. Gotta Get That Feeling Back. 04:44 07. I Can't Fight It. 02:50 * 08. A Big Hunk O' Love. 02:18 * 09. Mercy Mercy. 02:44 * 10. Baby Come Back. 02:27 *
11. I Can Hear Music. 03:44 * 12. Back In Time. 02:54 13. Looking For the Magic. 03:45 14. Stay With Me. 04:34 15. I Really Love You. 02:26 * * previously unreleased Sunset Blvd Records (CD-SBR-7980)