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DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND Sincerely (Shelter Records, 1976) Reissued in 1997 on CD by The Right Stuff with 4 bonus tracks.
DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND Twilley Don't Mind (Shelter Records, 1977) Reissued in 1990 on CD by DCC with 3 remixes as bonus tracks and in 1997 by The Right Stuff.
DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND Sincerely / Twilley Don't Mind (Raven, 2007) The first two discs in a CD and with 4 bonus tracks.
DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND Live from Agora (Gigatone, 2010) 1976 live recording.
20/20 Giving It All Under The Freeway (Bomp, 1978. SG) Phil plays drums in both tracks, but has not yet entered as an official member. German edition.
20/20 The best of Bomp (Bomp, 1978) Phil plays the drums in "Giving It All" in this compilation album with several bands of the label Bomp.
20/20 20/20 (Portrait, 1979) Phil already belongs to the 20/20, records all drums, except in a song and sings the choirs in "She is an obsession".
20/20 Waves (Bomp, 1979) Another compilation of several Bomp bands. Phil plays the drums in "Drive" with the 20/20.
MOON MARTIN Shots From a Cold Nightmare (Capitol, 1978) All LP drums by Phil Seymour and choirs in "All I've Got To Do".
TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers (Shelter Records, 1976) Magnificent choirs in "Breakdown" and "American Girl", in addition, with Dwight, in "Strangered In The Night".
TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS You're Gonna Get It (Shelter Records, 1978) Phil sings the choirs in "Magnolia".
THE TREMBLERS Twice Nightly (Johnston Records, 1980) Project by Peter Noone. Phil claimed to have been on that recording and that he is the one who pokes a base tom in "You Cant Do That". :)))
DEL SHANNON Drop Down And Get Me (Elektra, 1981) Phil, with Jude Cole, sings the choirs in the songs "Out of Time" and the one that gives title to the LP.
DWIGHT TWILLEY Twilley (Arista/Shelter, 1981) Phil sings the choirs to his friend Dwight in the song "Darling".
PAT ROBINSON Eye For An Eye Got The Love (Rock & Roll Records, 1984. SG) Phil sings the choirs with Dwight, Susan Cowsill and Rocky Burnette in the two songs of the single.
JOHN KAY & STEPPENWOLF Paradox (Attic, 1984) Phil's choirs, under the production of Richard Podolor in American Recording.
THE TEXTONES Midnight Mission (Gold Mountain, 1984) Drums and choirs in the band led by Carla Olson.
DWIGHT TWILLEY Wild Dogs (CBS, 1987) Choirs in the song "Shooting Stars".
THE TEXTONES Through The Canyon (Rhino, 1989) Drums and choirs.
THE TEXTONES Back In Time (Demon, 1990) Drums and choirs.
THE ZIGS Age Of Technology (Cosmic Z, 1992) 01. Age of Technology (J. Ziegler) 02. Make Me Guess (J. Ziegler & B. Parker) 03. Love Letters (P. Seymour & Bob Martin) 04. Like I Love You (J. Ziegler) 05. I Just Wanna Rock & Roll (J. Ziegler) + 06. Be With You Baby (J. Ziegler) 07. Never The Same (J. Ziegler) * - 08. Dreams Come True (J. Ziegler & D. Daniel) 09. Food For Thought (J. Ziegler & D. Daniel) * 10. Hanging Out In Hollywood (J. Ziegler) The Zigs are: Jimmy Zig (Guitars, Lead & Backing Vocals). Tim Zig (Bass). Phil Seymour (Percussion, Lead & Backing Vocals). Damon Daniel (Drums, TechnoWhiz, Lead & Backing Vocals). Tom Hanford (Guitars). Dennis Gaylor (Keyboards) Produced by Jimmy Zig, Damon Daniel & The Zigs. Executive Producer, Jimmy Zig. Recorded in The Room, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Art by Ziegler Art & Frame Jerry Ogden (Piano *) Ron Morgan (Bass +) Steve Wooten (Bass -) Steve Bagsby (Steel Guitar -) Thanks to Tom Hanford for providing me with all the information on the credits of this recording and clarifying: «Phil has an original co-composition (w/Bob Martin) called 'Love Letters' on which he sings lead. There is this earlier recorded version on the Bison release 'Phil Seymour' released in 2012, but I don't think the Zigs version has been released anywhere else»
THE LEGENDARY HITCHHIKERS The Legendary Hitchhikers (1992. Cassette) Choirs by Phil in this self-financed band cassette and only available in this format.
BUZZ CLIC with PHIL SEYMOUR Buzz Clic with Phil Seymour (Mind Control Labs, 1991. Cassette) Phil is the leading vocalist in the project of the guitarist Buzz Clic. Reissued in 2005 by Smog Veil Records under the name "California". 01. Lonely one 02. I think I'm fallin' 03. Sunsets in blue 04. Wild one 05. Faded dreams 06. Baby, baby, baby 07. Vad boy 08. Tallahasee Lassie 09. Call 911 10. Don't lead me on 11. All shined up 12. Never fall in love for fun 13. Day tripper tracks 1-10 Buzz Clic, lead/rhythm/acoustic guitars Phil Seymour, vocals Charles Buttons, bass/back vocals Mark Carney, drums Bob Clic, slide guitar Dwight Twilley, background vocals on "Don't Lead Me On" Produced & Engineered by Jon Lowrey Artisan Studios bonus tracks 11-13 Buzz Clic all guitars/background vocals Brandon Matheson, drums Randy Rice, bass Phil Seymour, vocals Rob Nunn, keyboards Steve Isham, vocals on "Day Tripper" Produced by Buzz Clic all songs words & music by Buzz Clic except #8 & #13
THE TEXTONES Detroit ‘85. Live & Unreleased (Collector's Choice, 2008) Choirs and drums by Phil in this 1985 live rescued from a forgotten suitcase.
Here I have tried to compile all his recordings, either as a simple collaborator or as a full member. The legacy is so broad, varied and curious that I could not resist the temptation. Evidently, the Dwight Twilly Band was his star project altogether with Mr. Twilley, also was with the 20/20 when their first drummer left them or with The Textones of the well-known Carla Olson. The rest, more than interesting collaborations that are finally collected with certain criteria in the net. The research and "tracking" have been very rewarding for me. Remember that by clicking on the covers you can see a little bigger.
Phil Seymour Collaborations
Original cassette. Thanks Angelo Power Pop Criminals. Original cassette. Thanks Angelo Power Pop Criminals.