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Why a website to Phil? That's true... sometimes I also wonder why do I get into these messes. Those who know me, know how I get excited about "small" stories, those that warm our hearts and do not usually have great media impact (or melt like sugar over time). This is one of them. To be honest, it was not until my good friend Roberto El Gato posted a link to the video to "Precious to me" on his Facebook wall that I was aware of Phil Seymour. I might have listened to that song once, but I was not aware of the fact and I did not know anything about our protagonist's journey. El Gato, with whom I share musical tastes and attitude, would post on his wall: "I have not listened to this wonder for a long time. If you do not like it, you do not love your mother." Inevitably, my finger clicked on the link to YouTube and I was fond of the song at first listen. El Gato does not usually talk nonsense. And there began my search through the net, I wanted to know more about this lovely guy. Where he came from, what he had done, what was in his life... a true enthusiastic engagement that has led me to prepare this small tribute to his varied and curious work. Mention that the information that is available on the Internet, both in Spanish and English, is scarce and very dispersed, which justifies even more this little corner dedicated to Phil Seymour. Of course, I am open to all kinds of contributions and / or suggestions that help to improve this site, correcting possible errors or adding photos, relevant information or fan anecdotes. You can write to ps [at] (You know, replace [at] with @). Also, thanks to my dear daugther Belén Aguilar for translating this website into the English version. Hugs and kisses. Manolo Rock
Single "Precious to me" (Boardwalk Records, 1980)
Photo by Rick Gagnon
PRECIOUS TO ME (P. Seymour) Baby baby don't you leave me here to make it alone Cos i don't think that i could take it for a day on my own Why would you wanna hurt me When i love you baby can't you see - CHORUS - That your precious to me (i love you so) And i can't let you go (can't let you go) Baby one day you will see (girl can't you see) That you'll always be (you'll always be) So precious to me Why would you wanna hurt me When i love you baby can't you see - Repeat CHORUS - Baby baby you can tell me when will we meet again? If I can't be your one and only then I'll have to pretend That you're still on with me Girl I love you so affectionately - Chorus x2 - You're so precious to me
ERES TODO PARA MÍ (Adapt. por Belén Aguilar) Nena, nena, no me dejes aquí solo y tirado Porque no creo que pueda soportar un día sin ti No me hagas daño Yo te amo, pero tú no puedes ver... - ESTRIBILLO - Que eres todo para mí (te amo tanto) Y no puedo dejarte ir (no puedo dejarte ir) Nena, algún día te darás cuenta (¿no lo ves?) Que tú siempre serás (siempre serás) Todo para mí No me hagas daño Yo te amo, pero tú no puedes ver... - Repetir ESTRIBILLO - Nena, nena, ¿cuándo nos volveremos a encontrar? Si no puedo ser tuyo, entonces fingiré Que aún estás a mi lado Chica, te quiero con locura - Estribillo x2 - Eres todo para mí
Why a website to Phil?