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- Precious to me -
Phil Seymour
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Our hero, Phil Seymour, was an American musician who developed skillfully between the sounds of Power Pop, Rock and New Wave. Singer, composer, producer and multi- instrumentalist (drums, guitar, bass), he left his mark on all the projects in which he participated throughout his professional career between 1974 and 1993. Phil was a brilliant "all terrain" who is well known for the songs "I'm on fire" (with the Dwight Twilley Band) or his wonderful "Precious to me", already on his own. No doubt, Phil had a major role in the Dwight Twilley Band, a seminal group within the pop and underground world, but his solo work was, and still is, revered among the most exquisite Power Pop fans. Unfortunately, he left us in 1993, after fighting cancer that was detected in 1984. Not only he is the author of a delightful song, but he is the creator of a hymn that will be transmitted from generation to generation. Precious to me.
Phil Seymour
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His star burnt only briefly but to lovers of 1980s power pop Phil Seymour was a shining light. This collection of his finest work is enhanced by 11 previously unreleased recordings. Now available!
01. BABY IT’S YOU Boardwalk LP FW-36996 (1980) 2.58 02. PRECIOUS TO ME Boardwalk LP FW-36996 (1980) 2.49 03. I REALLY LOVE YOU Boardwalk LP FW-36996 (1980) 3.59 04. THEN WE GO UP Boardwalk LP FW-36996 (1980) 2.23 05. DON’T BLOW YOUR LIFE AWAY Boardwalk LP FW-36996 (1980) 3.10 06. LOVE YOU SO MUCH Boardwalk LP FW-36996 (1980) 2.28 07. HOW ABOUT YOU Fuel 2000 CD 302 061 905 2 (2012) 3.00 08. SUZIE GLIDER Boardwalk 5703 (1981) 3.39 09. NOW Fuel 2000 CD 302 061 893 2 (2011) 3.14 10. MAYBE IT WAS MEMPHIS Fuel 2000 CD 302 061 893 2 (2011) 3.28 11. DANCING A DREAM Boardwalk LP NB1-33252 (1982) 3.46 12. BETTER TO ME THAN YOU Boardwalk LP NB1-33252 (1982) 3.34 13. TEACHING ME Fuel 2000 CD 302 061 893 2 (2011) 3.54 14. DON’T TAKE YOUR LOVE AWAY (2017) 3.57 15. FADE AWAY (2017) 3.22 16. BABY IT’S YOU (early version) (2017) 3.01 17. I FOUND A LOVE (2017) 3.35 18. LET HER DANCE (2017) 2.21 19. LOOKING FOR THE MAGIC (2017) 3.23 20. WE DON’T GET ALONG (2017) 2.24 21. STAND BACK AND TAKE A GOOD LOOK (2017) 2.45 22. YOU CAN’T HURRY LOVE (2017) 3.33 23. LOVE IS LIKE AN ITCHING IN MY HEART (2017) 3.34 24. I’LL BE WAITING (2017) 2.52 All tracks Stereo • 14-24 previously unissued
The Phil Seymour Archive Series · Volume 5 Compiled by Dave Burke, Bill Cooper, Saul Davis & Richard Podolor Notes by Dave Burke Project co-ordinated by Mick Patrick Mastered by Nick Robbins at Sound Mastering Ltd Package designed by Paul Jeffrey Front cover photograph by Catherine Sebastian The copyrights in these sound recordings are (P) Richard Podolor / Saul Davis and are licensed to Ace Records Ltd This compilation (P) and © 2017 Ace Records Ltd Big Beat Records
Ace Records has released the best compilation of Phil Seymour published so far. Luxury presentation with a 20 page booklet full of photos and information, all of his greatest hits and 11 unissued tracks.
Power Pop Prince is back.
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